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First things first: We’re proud to officially announce an updated Patreon through which you can support us at Cryptic Alliance. We love making comics and stories for you to enjoy, but we (and really I mean Jannette) need to eat and earn a living too. Through financial support, we can increase our ability to deliver more frequent updates for comics like Frames Per Second, A Pretty Lame Pokemon Adventure, and Penguinography. We can also push out other fun content and *stuff* for you all to enjoy.

We haven’t quite set a special reward for the first $100 milestone, but let’s just say we’ll leave it open for whatever you would like to receive or *inflict* upon us. For those who can’t support financially, we still really appreciate your encouragement. Feel free to like us on Facebook to get updates there, interact with other fans, and participate in fan art contests, events, or other raffle-type rewards!

Second: Now you can subscribe to receive notifications via email for updates to the Cryptic Alliance website (which allows you to know first-thing when we post a comic update!) Check out the righthand widget to enter your email address!

Thanks, Alliance!

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