About Us

What is Cryptic Alliance?

Cryptic Alliance is the partnership of two sisters, artist Jannette and writer Jo. Frames Per Second is their first of many stories looking to be told.

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Who is Cryptic Alliance?

Jannette, also known by her artist/gamer tag, Jyante/Jante, is a self-taught artist with a bright, vivid style. Many of her influences come from Asian art and media, and she incorporates these along with more formal techniques to her current style. Jyante is an avid gamer. She also has a pair of cats that make finishing updates difficult when they sit on her laptop.

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Jo is one of the creators/writers of Frames Per Second. She is a writer in her free time, when she’s not busy finishing her Biology undergraduate degree. She has a love of stories, comics, anime, books, and all things creative that urges her on to tell original stories. She enjoys gardening, cooking, and hiking with her husband. She is the proud mom of a Russian Tortoise.

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Do you get paid for this?

The short answer? No.

We would love to dedicate more time and effort into Frames Per Second, and future stories, but we (especially Jannette) does not want to sink into being a literal starving artist! If you like our comic, and would like to see more, consider supporting us by sharing our comics, telling your friends about that cute and funny comic you read online, or actually donating to Jyante’s Patreon.

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