What is Cryptic Alliance?

The answer is that it’s not very cryptic, but it is an alliance. Namely, it’s an alliance between artist Jannette and writer Joanne in their effort to tell stories through a graphic novel format. It began as one boring summer–the last summer the two would be sisters under the same roof, with the same last name. They set out to accomplish something together, and what resulted was a long list of story ideas. Frames Per Second came first, and inspired the Cryptic Alliance name. The two have since gone on to add more stories and endeavors to their list of works.

Both sisters hope to continue creating stories for people to enjoy, and you can support them by visiting the Contact & Support page to leave a comment, contribute financially, or submit fan art.

If you’re really brave, you may even attempt to join the Alliance.

On Their Own

Jannette is an artist based in the southwest United States. She draws from a variety of experiences, using her technical knowledge and a knack for experimentation to hone her craft. Her style is bold, vibrant, and ties in both Western and Asian influences. She’s an avid gamer, an anime fan, and typical artist-with-a-weird-cat.

Follow Jannette on Twitter, Deviantart, Picarto Livestream, and Tumblr.

Joanne is a freelance writer, editor, and layout developer. She involves herself in many endeavors, from Cryptic Alliance to blogging about family genealogy. Joanne is currently based in Atlanta, GA, and spends her time editing her first novel, getting creative in the kitchen, and going on hikes with her husband.

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Cryptic Alliance on Tapastic

All of the works featured on Cryptic Alliance are also published through Tapastic, a free, comic-sharing site for independent creators like us. There you can find Frames Per Second, A Pretty Lame Pokem*n Adventure, Penguinography, RogueHorses and many other artists and comics worth supporting.

Jannette aka Jante on Tapastic
Joanne aka Jo_Was on Tapastic

Cryptic Alliance on Webtoon

Recently, we’ve decided to try our hand at expanding to the Webtoon community. Right now, A Pretty Lame Pokem*n Adventure is available for reader interaction and choice voting and submission. Frames Per Second is also available, but on a later update schedule than our website and Tapastic, which will always be up to date.