APLPA Chapter 2


APLPA Episode 13 & Character Contest Announcement!

Apollo looks a little under the weather and October 2016 Character Contest Announced!  


APLPA Episode 12

Apollo heads to get the pokeflute, but is attacked on the way!  


APLPA Episode 11

Eclipse tries to retrieve his bone, Snorlax is even angrier than before, and you, dear reader, finally have a new...

Pokemon ch02pg13

APLPA Episode 10

Snorlax won’t back down after being awoken, but neither will Eclipse!

Pokemon ch02pg10

APLPA Episode 9

Apollo wakes up Snorlax…’nuff said.

Pokemon ch02pg06

APLPA Episode 8

A Snorlax is in the way and Apollo reminisces of life in Johto…   No choice update today, but stay...

Pokemon ch02pg01

APLPA Episode 7

The twins call on their “big brother” for assistance. There is no choice for a few updates–so just enjoy the...

Pokemon ch01pg29

APLPA Episode 6

Apollo gets told off by little girls, Eclipse causes a ruckus, and a new face appears! Save