• Meet the Characters of Frames Per Second

    Titan Vale

    Username: f4ncy_foxx
    Titan’s always busy trying to manage an entire department, rowdy siblings, and his seemingly-non-existent social life. His life’s been in slow-motion, but things might start picking up once he finally gets the nerve to talk to Mina.

    Mina Rowan

    Username: ThaneofRome
    By day, she works the local pet store. By night, she’s an avid gamer. By all accounts, she’s buying time until she can figure out what her next move is. But maybe life will take that next step for her…

    Kazuko Hoshino

    Username: Ryugi_Senpai
    Everyone has high hopes for Kazuko, but his anxiety often gets the better of him.  He’d like to do something big, important, and meaningful…but he might need help figuring out what that is. In the process, he may learn more about who he is…

    Preston Thomas

    Username: Biteme300x
    Also called Fish by his close friends, he may look young, but he’s older, stronger, and sharper than his gaming skills reflect. He lives for laughs, and just wants to help make someone’s day a little brighter, probably because he knows full well how tough life really is.