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You love us, you really, really love us…

If that’s the truth (even remotely so), there are many ways to support us. In other words, be a fan and…

Share with others

Tell your best friend, your neighbor, your brother, your classmate, the person next to you in checkout–about the funny comic called Frames Per Second. The next time you’re chatting and gaming with your online friends on Discord, how about you fill them in on a comic that relates-oh-too-well to their life?

Link to us via Webtoon, Tapastic, Facebook, and our website

Share your thoughts with us and the Cryptic Alliance community

Did you think Cryptic Alliance was just about the two of us? It’s about all of us–creators and readers alike. With that said, it’s so encouraging to learn about what you think of our comic. Comment on our updates, through whatever avenue, and get a chance to interact with the community.

Join the community on Twitter and/or Facebook.

If you have something specific to say to the creators, feel free to Contact Us.


Our take? We love it.

Drew a piece with the Fox and Thane ship? Crochet one of Preston aka Fish’s hats? Made an actual treat inspired by Wilson’s Choclary (like bunny-shaped ice cream sandwiches)? Let us know!

You can share your fan-art with us by emailing or messaging the Cryptic Alliance Facebook. If you submit a piece, know that it will likely be shared with the FPS fan community via the website and Facebook.

Bonus: First person to make us Fish hats/beanies will get honorary status as a Cryptic Alliance Hero and will have our undying love and affection.

Support us Financially (Donate to the Patreon)

We love to make stories, and developing more content would be great but we, (especially Jannette) do not want to fall into the literal starving artist trope! Making art is fun, creating stories is great, but getting food on the table is important for us and our families. Donations allow us to offset the time we would otherwise be using to support our livelihood and channeling that time into more content. It relieves some of the pressure, and reinforces at least some estimate of monetary valuation (though we realize money isn’t everything, of course!),

So if you would like to see more consistent content (plus get some personal perks out of it), please consider donating to the Patreon.